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Ebay Junky?


OSNN One Post Wonder

We provide a new way to hunt for great bargains on eBay.co.uk, bysearching current offers on ebay.com for auctions which meet our strictand simple criteria:

1. The auction ends in 1 hour.
2. The price is currently 1 pound or less.

It's addictive and fun; like browsing the bargain bin of eBay. Germany and USA sites are also available.

Thanks for your attention

Example #13 in our series of How to Make Friends and Influence People. Making your first post spam


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
vincente said:
Thank you fro giving the site a chance...

Its nothing to do with it.

Signing up for a forum with only the intent of spamming your own site is against the rules and just plain bad manners. If a person makes a few useful posts before hand (or put a link in your sig whilst making other posts) then we often overlook the odd discretion, but not for first posters.

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