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EAX Support in Win7


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Hi all,

Due to my Xbox360 going off for repair the other week I have started replaying Neverwinter Night 2 again as I did not actually finish it before. Now I managed to get past the annoying 'no 3d card detected error' by replaing one of the directX files on my X64 7100 build from that of a newer build. Now the only issue I am having is releated to sound. It will not let me enable hardware sound acceleration so I am stuck with the crummpy software type. I know I only have the onboard soundmax card but its not that bad.

I am assuming that Win7 is simular to Vista in that there is no direct sound mode, but does anybody know if there is any 'Alchamy' style programs that run on generic hardware to implament EAX in Win7/Vista?

Otherwise I guess I will have to pony up for a new soundcard :( Or install XP!
run the directx installer. should fix directx issues.

X-fi cards will have alchemy, the asus xonar has ds3d-gx built in (same as alchemy). Everything else is stuck with stereo
It is very title dependent. The Asus cards only support EAX 2 so if the developers didn't put much thought in to the sound design it can be a bit strange.

I find NWN2 sounds best using miles 2d sound over eax on both the x-fi and the xonar though.

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