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Easy cd Creator problem...NTFS incompatibility??



i´m using Easy CD Creator Platinum, all up to date version, the thing is that when i want to do a System Test it starts to measure small files and finish, but when searching Large files to make the test it just stucks, in 17% and doesn´t move anymore, i make the relation incompatibility with NTFS because that´s the last change in my system....so is there something to do to fix this????......
This bother me because when i want to burn a cd, music, or data cd, it starts the system test to measure rate of data transmision, and then appear a message saying that there are no files available to make the test....BUT i know there are a lot of file to make it...so....is it NTFS problem or what?

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Never had that problem & I use easy cd all the time.
Can only think of two things.
1/ Defrag
2/ Uninstall & reload easy cd & the patches.


i did that...i defragged and uninstalled and reinstalled it again....and still the problems are there.......any other help?

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Did you change the file system from fat32 to ntfs? That might have caused something to go haywire in the file system. Sorry all I can think of. :(


I have used ECD Platinum for 2years with no prblems , even on NTFS.
Suggest you might look at the compatibility between your Dvd/Cd player and your CDRW.
Reading from the Dvdplayer during file test can be a problem if its rating is under x 12, or unfortunately in a few cases if it is just not compatible with your burner.
The software (using 5.32 version) is not at fault.


no....i didn´t explained myself.....the system test that is not working if from my Hard Disk.....the system test done from my RW does correctly.....but not when i want to burn files from folders in my HD......you know what i mean?


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With my system it takes also a long time before it finishes. What i discovered is that (at least for my system) had to do with the large hdd (ide raid-> 160GB). When i left it for 2 hours or so it finaly finished..... after that i have had no problems.... :)


Hello again
Please advise what make CDRW you use, there are apparently makes not compatible with ecdc 5. Info being available on the Roxio website
When you unistalled and then reinstalled CD Creator, did you clean out the registry and delete any leftover folders? Do this. CD Creator leaves behind so much junk. Sometimes so much that if you reinstall, it will just think it's the old install. Roxio's site has detailed instruction of how to completely remove cd Creator. Do that and see what happens.

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