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In response to Ozzy's great thread about the hardest game you've ever played, well, what's the easist game you've ever played? I don't mean, like a childs game, more like, a game that's far easier that it should be that really annoyed you cos you finished it so quickly. I remember when I got resident evil, it took me ages to finish it, and years to get all the bonus stuff. When resident evil 2 came out, I was expecting much the same but I finished it with everyone, getting all the bonus stuff, on the first night I had it. Shelled out £45 for the damned thing, brand new. I was so racked off.
So, anyone else had a similar experience?


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The easiest for me would be mega man x for the snes. The previous games were rock hard, especially on the gameboy and nes, but this one seemed to be less difficult than what I expected.

In comparison though, I actually found res evil 2 to be very difficult! Could never play those games, just too hard for me :)


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Freedom Fighters
Max Payne 2
Call of Duty

I completed them all on hard within 10-15 hours(I think I were down to 8 on one of em, can't remember)


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I just remembered Metal Gear Solid, that was ace but far too easy and short, and also Tekken 4 on the ps2. I was really annoyed at that, I'd managed to get ALL of the bonus stuff within a few of hours of buying a ps2. Should have stuck to PCs :p


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Apparently not :lick: . I've not idea what I was thinking. Can someone with the appropriate powers move this thing?


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I would have moved this, but my powers have been taken away from me since I never used it when did have it. lol :p


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I would say max payne 2 was very easy.. and to short. And I would say HL2 was pretty easy.. I beat in on hard the first time around in about 15 hours. but Easiest ever.. thats pretty tough. I would say Starfox 64 (I know... console).


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considering half life 2 was supposedly a milestone in gaming.. i found it wayyyyy to easy, was just good eye candy ;)


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Blue shift was remarkably easy, finished it in a few hours. Only paid £5 for it from PC world tho so can't grumble too much!

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