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EA reports slow sales of its recycled crap

EA, well known for its policy of "buy innovative games and squeeze every last drop you can from it without creating anything new", says it's sales are lower than expected.

I know, everyone's is, but it's funny that they should make news. Die, Madden 20XX.

Shamus MacNoob

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The only thing I really do not like with EA is alot of the games do not have any Anti Cheat for the online games and this really ruins alot of the fun.


Stranger Than Fiction
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EA ... Crap? The hell you say?

I think they should just call the next Madden "Roster Update: 2007". I also think there is too much variety to the courses in Tiger (6!!!) they should try to knock that number down a little. Maybe 1 or 2, Local municiple courses, par 3 courses, yeah that the ticket. What's that you say? Am I sick of EA's crap? What gives you that idea?

End rant.


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I've had every Madden game since Madden 93. I don't have a problem with things getting rehashed. If you play the game enough, you can tell the difference between the little things they make from year to year. The only beef I have with most of EA's sports out there is that I don't get to transfer my seasons, etc ... from year to year. I mean ... how hard would it be? Except between platform jumps, games from one platform to the same platform should carry over.

As for EA in general, they do OWN and partner with a lot of good developers(Maxis, Criterion, Digital Illusions, Lionhead Studios, Westwood) that have consistently made some great games. As for sequels, everyone does 'em. If they are done well, great. Bad sequels are the plague of the industry, not just EA. I don't need a Katamari Damacy every month nor do I want to start playing these crazy Japanese imports that although new and innovative, just aren't fun.

Theres a real nice two part writeup over at Gamespot:

Innovation: does size matter?
Yeah, ok. Good point!

BF was ok, too wimpy at best.
BF Vietnam sucked.
Independently developed, free, BF Desert Combat was excellent.
BF2 is a major disappointment compared to what Desert Combat was.

They couldn't make a good sequel if their lives depended on it.

I'm betting B&W 2 is a looser too. The original was so buggy it would crash and have to be reinstalled before I ever got very far into it.


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I hate how people blame distributors when games go sour when they should be blaming the developers.. but in EA's case I personally make an exception to blame them. EA is one of those uber corporate companys that doesnt give a rats ass about the games.. they are absolutely 100% in it for the money. And they push at developers WAY to hard to push out titles. So they have to cut corners... usualy thats in QA and we pay the price with endless patches and dealing with their beta products.

So I have a hard time paying 50$ to beta test an EA title. Not to say EA has never put out decent games, I am not saying that at all. I just think EA should re-think how they do their buisness and perhaps try harder to be friends with their costumers.....

Or... maybe I am an extreamly disgruntled gamer thats sick of crappy games.

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