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DX9.0C will not install


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi guys,

I am at a friend's place. We have been trying to install 9.0C unsuccessfully. We have tried it from:

The new "brothers in arms" game he bought. We have tried it from Windows Update. We have tried it from a standalone install. Nothing works.

He has WinXPPro with SP2. I am wondering if it is a service that has been stopped/disabled that won't allow 9.0C to install.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



Overclocked Like A Mother
DXDiag shows up as 9.0B

I am thinking that maybe something got corrupted when he reformatted and reinstalled his WindowsXP a couple of months ago.

Might there be someway that he can get installed without reformatting and reinstalling Windows? That would be such a pain to redo this again.

Can I uninstall the DX that's there, then goto Windows Update and reinstall 9.0C?

Thats really weird. It must have been a bad slipstream of XP and SP2 otherwise if it was downloaded directly from MS 9c should be there because you can't uninstall it after its on, can you?


Overclocked Like A Mother
My buddy ended up reformatting and reinstalling his XPPro, then the free SP2 CD from MS (like he did before) and now he's got 9.0C. This is really weird.

But, oh well, it's fixed.

Thanks guys,


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