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Can anyone tell me if their DVD player on their PC locks up sometimes. Or acts choppy sometimes.

It seems that since I updated the XP I have had more issues with my DVD player lockin up

I looked at resources to see what was suckin things down but the machine seems to be fine.

JUst really wondering if someone has seen similar things as I use to use a DVD card that helped alot but with the new vid cards being powerful I stepped away from the DVD card



Mine was locking up when I was playing them thru Media Player, then to a lesser extent when I was using Power DVD 4. Got the new(er) version of WinDVD, and I haven't had a problem since. No dvd card in mine....P3-600EB, 64MB Gforce3, and a old school Pioneer DVD drive.

Nick M

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I think that XP updates mess things up. Also, things sometime skip when CDS are scratched. What are your system specs?


What DVD player are you using? is it a software DVD player like WinDVD?

I've been using winDVD for over 2yrs now, its the best IMO, but if you have hardware acceleration enabled you often get choppy playback, try disabling that, or the equivilant in your player.


Originally posted by $tUy_B
What DVD player are you using? is it a software DVD player like WinDVD?

I've been using winDVD for over 2yrs now, its the best IMO, but if you have hardware acceleration enabled you often get choppy playback, try disabling that, or the equivilant in your player.
actually, if you use a WINDVD tweaker program there are many options which will help you eliminate the choppyness.

Usually, if your using A tweaker program the Hardware acceleration checkbox will be reversed, meaning that when its ticked its actually off and just uses the cpu cycles to render frames.

Your CPU is to slow to decode DVD video without Hardware acceleration. you'll also notice that when HW is off that the screen flickers more and there are many frame skips.


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Well I'm using many things or have tried many things. I have Power XP 4 and NvDVD (that one I like the best so far)
Anyway Specs

AMD 1900+
Epox MB
PC2100 - 512MB
GeForce 4 Ti 4600 128MB
Toshiba DVD -12x - this is IDE
SCSI Ultra 2 card and two UW drives
so on.........



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I just tried Monsters Inc and it stopped a couple of times and one time looked locked but after I double clicked the movie it started again in the smaller window. I then went back to the full screen and it was fine but was still pausing from time to time.

I wish I could nail this down as it's kind of rediculious at this point that is shouldn't work. I use to play DVD's all the time on 2000 with the lesser hardware.

Totally clueless what to do at this point


I need this to work better than this

Any ideas would be great


Sullysnet - What Video Card are you currently using? Nvidia based? ATI? others? Could be a driver problem. If nvidia based card you could try different drivers. Are you overclocking your CARD and PC? Try default settings and run again you DVD software. I've been using NvDVD 1.71 and WinDVD4 with my old TNT2 card without a glitch or any issues. By the way $tUy_B, here's the link for NvDVD http://www.evga.com/support/utilities/NVDVD/default.asp.


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I have a MSI GeForce4 TI4600 128MB. I'm using the 30.82 driver from Nvidia cause at the time the Detonator drive was making my games flicker but I do what to try the newest one (which I will try after I write this)

I don't think it will help but..........

Any more info would be great


i had a problem with DVD playback and WinXP crashing hardcore intermittently and sporadically. turned out that when i unhooked my internal zip drive, the problems went away somewhat, but i was still having lock-ups. i went from the 30.xx nVidia drivers back down to 2x.xx drivers, and the problems seemed to let up but i was still having problems. reinstalling the OS did nothing to fix it. then i realized that the problems started when i put a new monitor on my computer, i went from a Hitachi 19" CRT to an NEC 19" flat-panel LCD. i hooked my Hitachi 19" CRT back up and haven't crashed once since then, and i've watched numerous DVDs since my change back...it sounds like an odd fix, but it worked for me :)


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Odd is not the word LOL. I have a 19in Hitachi CRT and have never used anything else. Hummmm!!!

Anyway I have VIA chipset with the latest drivers. I just loaded the Detonator drivers. Seem to work great so far but I have not tested it with the DVD player. DVD is IDE and maybe by Toshiba. I have 512 mem.

thanks if you have more ideas I would love them


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I tried another movie last night after loading the Detonator drivers (the newest ones) Seemed to be fine except for one time it stopped but then started again. Really weird but maybe it has something to do with the drivers. Is there something in my BIOS that I can change to see if that works ???



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Fixed - Maybe

Just an update to anyone who cares. Think I figured it out, this is what I was thinking before but until I got something different I had no way of telling.

I had a Toshiba DVD 12x and was reconized in XP as PIO mode in the ATA contollers. This is the trasfer mode. I wanted to use UDMA mode but was not able to get it to work this way. Even with the right cable (or what I think was the right cable) Tried to force DMA mode which seemed to help a bit on somethings but all an all didn't fix the freezes and paused frames.

Fix- Plextor DVD-Combo ATA this runs and is reconized as UDMA and transfers with this mode. Movies that paused or locked up do not lock-up anymore.

I still need to watch a whole movie but so far everything looks great :)

thanks to all

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