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dvd video hickups



When playing a dvd movie with Power dvd se afther some time (30min-45min) the hickups start to apear.
It looks as if the memmory is completely full or something like that.
When I close the prog and return to the desktop everything is bloody slow.
I have 512kb on mem and a xp1700 as processor.
virtual mem is 1024kb and i have two 40 gig harddrives...
the video card is a 3d prophet kyro 32mb...Even slower systems
would be able to work with dvd movies i think.
What could be wrong ???
ofcourse under xp the udma is standard working so this could not be the reason.
Who has a idea what could be wrong ? :(
Video card is not able to handle it sounds like to me, even better video cards than yours strain when it comes to playing dvd's. That's where I'd look first, next check your settings on the screen saver, sometimes they kick on while playing dvd's.

Good Luck :D


Mmmmm what i thought already...

But , what's with that slow system afther stopping the dvd ?
And why does the problems apear only afther some 30-45 minutes (looks like it goes wrong when the movements on the screen gets tough to handle for the video card.)
I think I'll buy an dvd player :) that should cure things.


I had a similar issue where the actual dvd player was at fault. Brand new Sony DVD player built into a machine i was setting up for someone...no matter what i did I was very lucky to even get a dvd to play for more than 15minutes with it jamming up and sacking the system...after various testing with mulitple windows software DVD players (winDVD, powerDVD, ATI dvd player, etc) they all did the same thing... Even a fresh windows install didnt fix it ...i ended up testing a second DVD drive from Pioneer in the system and the problem disappeared... I would try something similar to this with multiple windows DVD software testing...if its consistent throughout all players then its possibly the hardware.



Hick up:D
Like when the movie halts for a second and plays on again.
Question : how do i test the dvd player ?
could also be an unclean disk. try cleaning the disk. If you have XP then you can also use Media Player to play DVDs, try that. Also if you have any DVDs with InterActual Player on it install that and test it.
oh, you an also test it with WinDVD goto intervideo.com and get a demo version of WinDVD I am not sure of the limitations of the demo but it should allow you to test it.

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