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DVD Time....


Ignorance Defined
Hey All..

Ok. I think I am finally going to pony up some funds and delve into the world of getting a DVD drive for my rig. I have been chugging along with my Lite-On CDRW with no worries, but I have been getting friends of mine giving me data on DVD-ROMs that I cannot read/access with my CDRW. I am also getting one of my computer mags providing me w/ Demos on DVD-Roms now, so I made the assesment that I should look into this.

Now, the question is whether to get a plain 16x DVD-Rom (Lite-On, Pioneer, etc) for around $30, or spend some more funds and get into the DVD-+RW, where the cheap ones go for $100-120 (after rebates), and can go as high as $200+.

Any thoughts you guys can share, and anything I should pay attention to when adding a DVD Drive to my rig that I may not already know about?



I have a DVD-RW and they are good. Im my opinion if u can afford to get a DVD-/+RW then go for it. It'll save money later as the DVD is slowly but surely taking over from CDs.


hardware monkey
that's a good question. with how relatively cheap the dvdrw's have gotten, it's hard to not want to just get one of those. but i'm sure they still have a little ways to go. not to mention they'll still be coming out with faster models every 6 months, it looks like. if i was looking to buy an optical drive right now, i'd be pulling out my hair in frustrative indecisiveness. :p

personally, i'd like to see them get away from this parrallel cable junk and move onto s-ata for better compatibility, stability, and so we don't have to worry about udma speeds and which drives are on which channels. will optical drives ever be using s-ata?

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