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DVD Slideshow Maker


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I have a large amount of images, around 1.5 GBs of photos.

I want to create a type of slideshow thing for a dvd, what is the fastest and best way of doing this. I searched on google, and there are many, but some are prices 2 high, some look like crap.

Your ideas?
Then I suggest you use WMM, if you really can't find anything on google...

If anyone had a clue they'd have responded over the last 4 days :)

It is amusing seeing ever more desperate posts though :D


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I'm desperate because WMM SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it takes forever, and I don't think it can make DVD menus, I think it would only play as a video on the dvd.
Well take a stab at some kind of Ulead or Cybermedia product. Much beyond that I couldn't tell you as I don't do this kind of stuff. My DVD players all make menu's etc from straight up DATA dvd's with the onboard firmware.


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I can research and look at those companies, but I wouldn't know what to look for. I don't know what they make, what is good or not. I just need to make a DVD menu, where I can choose the pics I want to look at or have a slideshow go on.

There must be a big/#1 program for that, right? geez lol


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Photodex Proshow Gold or even better Proshow Producer is really it for this kind of thing. Supports pictures, video's, transitions, titles, menu's, several outputformats and so on.


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I found there websites, and didn't find anything related....did i find the wrong place...

thats why I asked again....not trying to annoy or anything


There is no answer!
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if you had premiere pro, you could do it in that.

you can actually go to adobes site and download a fully working version, all you do is import all your pictures grab them all and drag them into the timeline, then add transitions and music, then output to dvd or mov or avi or whatever really. very simple.

i'd do it for you, but 1.5gbs of pics sounds like about 1000 plus pics to me. ouch.
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