DVD+RW disc... dead?


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the only rewriteable dvd i have isn't readable anymore. i try to get nero and poweriso to erase it but they won't recognize it. i've used this disc maybe five times so it has to be too early to call it quits.

is there a program i can use to do something like a forced erase to try to revive it?


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tried imgburn; "Incompatible Medium Installed" :cry:
the drive still reads dvd's fine.

what's a good brand of DVD+/-RW discs? this one was a Memorex DVD+RW, 4x.


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Lol I'd like to see that Lord :)

As far as DVD-RWs are concerned, I've always found them a bit rubbish and unreliable. I'd say your disc is probably buggered Taurus. Stick to DVD-Rs and USB memory sticks wherever possible :)


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i've been playing with nlite and trying different xp installations. i haven't tried loading the image onto a USB drive to be bootable. how would i do that?


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I was looking at it but my old MB won't support boot from USB. I forget which link was best:

As for the RW... I seem to be running into problems after about 5 uses. I'm capturing movies off satellite and if they are any good transfer them to R+. My RWs are becoming unreadable after about 5 uses and there is no significant physical damage.

I use TDKs mostly as acarry over from when I had a finicky burner. My new burner seems to be happy with just about any junk (memorex & verabtim) I throw in it.

Use DVDinfo to read your blanks. Verbatim and memorex will be a different make with each spindle. Sometimes people have reported different brands in the same spindle.

Most blanks are MCC, Ritek, and a few others. The name on the box has nothing to do with the manufacturer.

Keep the blanks away from UV and heat. UV can be sunlight OR flourescent lights. I just had to move a stack of DVD's I noticed a heat duct was blowing directly on them which may explain my RW limted life.


hardware monkey
thanks for the info, leejend. i expected usb booting to be simple, but i couldn't find any cut-and-dry instructions. i'll just use dvd-r's for now and maybe play with usb booting later down the road.

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