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dvd player volume...


original delboy

Can the volume be higher when playing a dvd..? i have set the volume at the taskbar to maximum and when i use power dvd to set that to maximum but still sounds a little low...can that be higher??

Dunno, do you have a volume control on your speakers you can crank up, or are all the controls internal (assuming you're talking about your laptop)?

original delboy

the speakers are built into the laptop they are very loud when i play music etc..but when i play a dvd in them it doesn't seem that loud? even if the volume os high on the taskbar and by increasing the volume on the laptop doesn't seem high enough, where as playing songs as normal mp3s on the laptop ROCK!
You can try going to Control Panel> Sounds and Audio Devices> 'Audio' tab> Sound Playback 'Volume' button> Options> properties> tick the option to show the volume control for 'video.' Play around in there and see if you can't getting your volume up for your dvds. Don't know if it will help, but it won't hurt. Good luck.

original delboy

Hi naa couldn't see it there i did what you said...

Control Panel> Sounds and Audio Devices> 'Audio' tab> Sound Playback 'Volume' button> Options> properties> tick the option to show the volume control for 'video.'
in properties there was no device for video??? but when i clicked on recording it was there but that is a total diff matter i think...

anyway id just have to put up with it i guess!!

ps do u now if power dvd can play vcds of the hard drive rather than the cd in the dvd rom drive..?? i have stored the film on my hdd but when i click on power dvd it says there is no disk in the drive which i no..is there a way.
media player wrks ok but i get a horrible black screen on the left and rght and it spoils the veiwing..also the film should be an .mpg but it shows as a "AVESQ" and not an icon as an mpg video i think you knw what i mean...why is this..?? and is there a player that shows the film altogether as the film being on 2 cds i have to play one and then the other...

Yeah, power dvd will play the files for you. Look at the attachment to show you how to browse for them (you have to click on the little icon at the top left of that menu that's showing):

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