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DVD Decoder Question


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Re: Free DVD Decoders Anyone?!

Hi i am new to all of this. any how i am wanting to play a dvd and I keep getting this "not supported" message meaning I need a, dvd decoder? uh i guess> so i am here, now a new member and so hi there all. and if any of you have the paitence, or could spare any of your expertise in educating me on just what do i really need?... i would be so ever appreciative. thanks


OSNN One Post Wonder
ok thanks. so now i am still needing a dvd decoder, where how and what one should i get to, go to or what? i need it for media player 9 and xp home


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You'll need an mpeg-2 decoder to watch DVDs. Try VLC, it's a media player that should do what you want, and it plays most other media formats that you throw at it.

If that doesn't work you may want to get PowerDVD which is designed specifically for playing DVDs using your computer. You can download a trial version from the link, however the full version costs between $50-70 so I'd give VLC a go first.

EDIT: If you want to use media player 9, install FFDShow, although I'm not sure how it handles menus and the like.


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the VLC one linked above is the only one i know of that is free, but you have to use their player

things like powerDVD or intervideo WinDVD are not free but once installed you can use any player you like


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Can you give a few more details:

Which option did you use? (vlc, windows media player?)

Do you mean DRM? What DVD are you trying to play? A retail movie?


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media player classic is the best there is IMO. has internal filters for many audio formats and video for mpeg1 and 2. less bulkier than VLC and allows versatility by using directshow :)

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