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DVD/C-RW problem


OSNN One Post Wonder
hi everyone, i am new to forum and not too experienced so please help me along, ok? thanks. ok here is problem. for whatever reason, I cannot play any CD game that has a code on it, although it has been registered and played many times b4. And the auto-run doesn't seem to work with other games either. However, I can double-click the icon of other games and i can get them to play (heroes of might and magic, hoyle board games-testing them); but i cannot play my all-time favorite Sims 2...and yet i was playing like crazy the other day. tried auto-run (turning it on, in case it got turned off), going into programs, double clicking icon, going into program files, to game and using the exe to start...no dice. does anyone have any advice to give or questions to help? thank you.:nervous:

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