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Dvd Burner

I just recently purchased a dvd dual format burner and was interested in what is the best media for dvd players and anything that can help me rescue a few of my dvd's my 3 year old has gotten a hold of, in other words archive them.thnx for any help


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ok well the ones that I say work the best are dvd+r...someone else who has more experience may have a better opinion but I have used dvd+r with my sis burner when my nieces and nephews get a hold of my dvd's and they work flawlessly even in my xbox which hates certain regular discs


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From what I understand, standalone DVD players (ones used for movies only) usually support dvd-r rather than dvd+r and for computers dvd+r is more common.
I've heard that dvd+r is somewhat better as they are less prone to errors and such, but I'm not 100% sure about which type of dvd is supported by the standalone players.
I have a Nec ND2500A or something like that which burns both fine, I tend to find the -R discs around more though so I buy them and so far those have all been readable in the other DVD drives on other machines

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