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DVD Authoring


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I have an odd request for information ...well maybe not so odd ...

I'm putting together a video (well trying to) with instructions for end-users to troubleshoot/fix certain problems that may very well be very costly having a service person come.

This video has various clips from previous or existing video I already have. The only problem is I don't know how or what to use to pull the various clips from each source to the DVD for burning.


Chapter one will be various walk-throughs and presentation of what to look at/for. I have clips of DVD players and cables on various other DVD's or even from digital camera video recordings. Some older ones on VHS even.

Chapter two would be various solutions to chapter 1 and so on.

What program would one use to author and edit their own video for this purpose?

I am not asking for illegal methods ... since these videos I have either purchased and have legal rights to use in an educational forum, come with various agreements I have with manufacturers, or simple clips I have found on a growing number of sites like youtube.

Any help is appreciated.

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