DVD and CD Writer time to locate.


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I run Windows Xp (SP2) and have two writers both on my second IDE. One is a Teac DVD Writer the other is a Teac CD writer. At present everything is working OK apart from the time it takes for my computer to locate and load any disks that I insert. Is there any way that I can speed this up? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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The times vary and sometimes I have to take the disk out and put it back and then it will work. I use Nero and in particular InCD for backing up programmes and when using it I notice that the disk is recognised but then takes something like 2 to 3 minutes before I can use it. I think both take the same amount of time however these days I do tend to use the DVD writer more than the other and it is the master the other is the slave.

It doesn't really cause me many problems but I just wondered if there was a fix to speed it up.

Thanks for your quick response and my apoligies for being a bit vague with my answers to your questions.


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Off the top of my head, you should check to make sure DMA is enabled on all fixed drives within your PC. To do this, open your device manager, and expand the node for IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers. For each Controller (Primary and Secondary), select properties. On the Advanced Settings tab, ensure the transfer mode is set to "DMA if available" as shown in the screenshot.



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Have had a look for HD C Drive it states that it it using Ultra DMA 6 and on HD D Drive it has Ultra DMA 2 both are set to use DMA if available.

I also had a look in bios and changed Drive D to Ultra DMA 6 but it automatically returns to 2.

C is master and D is slave.

Does this help and thanks.


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I have been to My Computer then to the DVD Icon and CD Icon and have done some settings under the heading autoplay. I have also done a registry check. I will see how things go and report back. Thanks for your help.

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