DV cam encode for cd program?


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hi. ive got a DV cam and i need to convert it to a cd. My question is, is there any good, imean really good software. I dont care if its freeware or i have to purchase. I want a program where they will give you an option like, how big of the file do you want it to be e.g. i want it to be 850Mb , it will then do the codec and audio to fit that size. I mean ive got virtualdub and stuff, but i dont want that. any other alternative. I want the BEST and EASIEST to be used e.g. my family wants to use it too. please help.


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I would guess Nero - not totally sure, but you did say encode and burn - so this is just to basically burn from cam via computer to disc?

Things get a lot more complicated with editting and choices vary a great deal, the good thing about nero is it supports most devices - you can hit snags if your device is not listed as a supported one with some others.

I have used the Power range too - they are dead simple but make sure they support what you want (I was using in a DVD context, so not sure about CD). Post back if you want me to check out on that last point and with a better idea of EXACTLY how they will get used.


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yea i just want it to be easiest to be used. I mean i have used virtual dub mpeg2vcd svcd2mpeg tmpgenc just to name a few, but in the case of simplicity, i want my family to be able to use the program once im not around anymore. But does nero allow e.g. I have a DVD burner that can fit 8Gb but the video is 9Gb, can Nero encode in the propercodec so it can be viewed on a DVD player supporting DVD-r to watch it and lower the quality to an 8Gb file?

what programs do you use to make your DVD stuff?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu

take a look over here ... I haven't got time to go into the ones I use and my level of expertise is low for what you want, this area can get pretty complex I discovered and you can get variable results - this was why I recommended Nero for novice users - you get a 30 day free trial so why not see if it can do that sample task you asked about on trial (I don't know myself, just did a five minute test burn - plus if I had that issue I would crop and edit the original AVI myself, not monkey with format end of things.... not even sure that would work if disc is to play in DVD player rather than other computers anyway).

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