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Trying to updated a Cisco 4400 WLC through TFTPD, which is the tftp server Cisco says to use. I have all the software I need but it won't communicate. I have only one guess as to why. Cisco says the server and the WLC need to be on the same subnet. The WLC is on and TFTP server is at Would I need to have the server be on a .99.xxx address as well? Is that what it means by same subnet? I'm not much of a networking guy.


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they don't need to be under the same router.. same subnet is correct.

Assuming you're using a /24 subnet (ie: your subnet mask is then yes, they both need to have the same first 3 octets the same to be on the same subnet.

If you're trying to updated the WLC through the service port, then yes - they will need to be on the same subnet as the service port is not routable. If you are updating through one of the distribution ports, they should not require you to be on the same subnet.


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I finally got it.

It was either the subnet problem or a problem with my TFTPD setup. I don't know which it was, all I care about is that it's working and I don't need to worry about ARP storms anymore.

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