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I currently have a thunderbird o/c to 1600. Im thinking about going for a dual processor setup as I do a lot of DVD re-encoding using Cinema Craft Encoder which is optimised for a dual processor system. My question may sound stupid but do the processors have to be identical or could I use say an Xp2000 and my existing thunderbird in a view to upgrade to another XP2000 in the near furture?

P.s can anyone recommend a good dual processor mobo


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Not sure on your first question. The only thing I can find so far is that the processors only need to be in the same family. (not yet sure if this is true) Someone may know more about dual processors as I don't use them.

As far as a mobo, the Tyan Tiger seems to be a popular pick.

Mr Dead

So a thunderbird and an Xp mix is a big no no then, shame ill have to fork out for 2 new processors straight away then.


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They need to be the same CPU (model and speed). Some motherboards require them to be the same stepping too. Its really hit or miss, sometimes odd combinations work, sometimes they dont. Though for the greatest performance I would recomend running two CPUs of the same clock speed and family.

Also Athlon XP processors are not offically supported for SMP. You would need Athlon MP CPUs (Its the XP/T'Bred core but modified for SMP use). XP CPUs might work, but there are no guarentees.

Tyan makes a bunch of great dual CPU Athlon boards:



yea but they will run the same speed.. 1 1.5ghz and 1 2.0ghz would read as 2 1.5ghz


haha yea i searched and this is what i found.. its like finding MGS for ps1 in the very deep desk drawer

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