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Dual monitor problem



Yes finally two monitors on my geforce 4 ti, but there is one prob, my tv is black-white (normally color). i think the prob is the refresh rate (60 hz), its usually at 50 hz with color, but i can't change the refresh rate at the advanced properties menu. So my question is: How can i change the refresh rate or how can i get color whitout changing the refresh rate, please help.


hardware monkey
lemme guess... you're using an s-video cable to connect to your tv, right? just wiggle the connections a little bit. make sure the cable is seated at both ends completely.

see, if you look at the end of an s-video cable, you'll notive it has 4 pins. two are for luminance (black + white) and two are for chrominance (color). together, these give you a normal picture, but if the chrominance signal isn't reaching, you'll get a black + white screen.


No man that's not the problem. i really think it's the refresh rate, because i have a ps2 and when its on 50 hz it was color but at 60 hz its went black and white so its based on that.
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Don't worry about the refresh rate, the TV encoder chip takes care of that. It could be your output coding I guess. Are you using NTSC or PAL?


Yeah... its NTSC or PAL that is ur problem... not ur refresh.

I got a diff dual display problem :/

Whenever i play games and the resolution on my primary screen changes, the second screens resolution gets warped and stuff gets moved around. It fixes itself after i finish the game but i wanted to use the 2nd monitor as my kinda cheat/map/helper screen during games and have winamp sitting there so i can see what song is coming up next =)


hardware monkey
well, ntsc and pal have different refresh rates (50hz and 60hz respectively, i believe)... so, in effect, you're all right.

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