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Dual Lan


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Hi All.
I've been read alot of good responses in this forum for allot of diffacult procedures. Some of you really know your stuff. Anyone know how to set up Dual Lan in XP?


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What do you mean by dual LAN, XP can browser multiple workgroups but only the one that the box is a member of will show up in Network Places. You can browse any PC connected in the same subnet by a UNC path.


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are you on about the duel network ports with your mobo. basically all you should need do is run the network wizard after installing the drivers for each lan ( diffrent makes am i right ?)

you can grab both connections and bridge them if need be, but xp should auto configure them when detected. the duel lan is basically for lan games. whats your use ?

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Ya thats right. The Asus A7N8X Dlx. comes with dual Lan. I have 2 internet lines comming into my condo. Both have real high bandwidth. One comes with my cable and the other is a lan that this building is wired with. I am shareing it with a server that uses hardly anything. And another person. . And if I can ever figure out the patch to add 50 players so I can host the game I play. Then I can run my other server. Becides all that. My router has 24 switchports and 2 400FX fiber. For now What I want is dual lan set-up on mine and I can take it from there

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Thanks man, Been building it for a while now. The only thing I really have left is cooling. There's so many choices. I'm very curious about peltier.


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peltier is ok if you can shift all the extra heat it generates in the case.

and i have no idea how to setup your duel lan, or if its possible. apart from using the network bridge over the 2 lan connections.


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To setup your dual lan, if you want the two networks to 'see' each other via your machine (also known as routing) than bridge them. otherwise keep them seperate to make life easy.


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