Dual Channel Memory

I've ordered my new MSI mobo and a gig of memory.

The memory i have ordered is x2 512 PC3200

Currently in my PC i have x2 512 PC2700

So the questions are;

1) If I put all 4 sticks into the new mobo will it all only run at 333mhz?

2) If the above answer is yes, would it then be best just to run the 2 sticks at 400mhz or four at 333mhz?
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The answer to question 1) is yes they will run at the 333mhz, as to question 2) you will have to wait for someone with more knowledge to answer that.
yup running all 4 sticks would result in ur ram running at 333mhz.
as for your second question, if you are using an A64 processor its better to use only the two pc3200 sticks. running the ram slower then the proc is the worst thing you can do to your A64 rig.

but if you go intel you could always use a 5:4 divider and run the ram slower, performance hit wont be as bad as on AMD.

but in my opinion you get the best result by running ur cpu and ram at 1:1 with the tighest timings possible. hope it helped.

if you still want more info try this forum:

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