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Dual booting problems, is there a better way?


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hey all,

I am following a guide to dual booting: http://apcmag.com/node/5162/

I am trying to dual boot XP Pro and Ubuntu 7.10, with XP installed first.

I am using a test HD (80gig). I install XP into a 10gigpartition, then install Ubuntu onto a second 10gig space using the debian partitioner. Again just for testing.

The first time I did this, XP would not show on GRUB Boot Manager. then selecting the default, Ubuntu would not boot.

The second time I tried this install (Same Partitions sizes after cleaning out all partitions using the XP cd) I install XP, then, using Ubuntu, I create a second 10 space for Ubuntu.

Now the Ubuntu will load from default, and XP does show up in the Boot Manager, but will not boot up when selected.

Is there a better, moere surefire way to setup dual boot because this guide ain't working too good.

I would like to run dualboot until I move everything to the debian OS. Then I am moving onto Ubuntu for good.


I've used those procedures several times and most of the variations and they always worked. The only things I can think of to check are:

Did you install Ubuntu from the live CD after installing XP?

Did you use the Ubuntu CD to create the second partition vs using XP to create both partitions?


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks LeeJend,

I did use live cd to install Ubuntu, using the "shortcut" on the live cd desktop.

I did use the partitoner from Ubuntu live cd to create the second partition for the Ubuntu OS. I only used XP to create only one partition (NTFS) for XP itself.

Thanks, again.

Should I try to install Ubuntu first?



Overclocked Like A Mother
Ooooopss!!! Sorry J,

I didn't see your post.

The whole Ubuntu setup managed to corrupt itself. I have tried installing it on it's own HD and so Windows and Ubuntu got each it's own HD. I switch the power cord between each as I am slowly trying to get used to linux. But that didn't work either as now the Linux HD is telling me that I got error18 disk discrepancies or something like that.

I think that I should just have a dedicated machine for each OS as I can't figure out nothing with this setup.




Glaanies script monkey
Political User
For next time, create the windows partition with the XP installer, just leave the rest of the disk space unallocated. You can then use disk management in XP to create the Ubuntu partition, leave it unformatted and just allocate the space. When you install Ubuntu, just pick that unformatted partition and let the installer do what it wants. That is usually the easiest way.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Actually, Thanks J,

I will try that instead. Might actually give it one more shot. I pretty much gave up hope trying to make this to work.


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