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21 Apr 2004
Can you do this. Have two different OS on each and dual boot to them? Would both be set to master? How woudl this work?
Yes I've done it myself. There will be an option in the BIOS called "Hard Disk Boot Priority" or "Hard Disk Boot Sequence" or something like that. You can use this to list all your HDs in the order you want them to boot, regardless of their interface. Set them both to master if one is on an IDE channel and one on an SATA channel.

EDIT: You would need to set the the OS that you installed last to be the first HD to boot, i.e. if you install XP onto HD1 then Vista on HD2, you need to set HD2 as your first boot disk.

Let us know how you get on.
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well my dvdrw is on my ide..thats what they use right? so isnt that my master?

also why the weird boot order...what if i want to choose what i want to boot..like boot options..can i use Acronis for something like that
vista will have a boot menu, hence installing xp to one, then vista to a 2nd, vista will create a dual boot meaning bios has to go to the vista drive to select what system to boot to.
since i have my ide Hd jumper on master, does it need to be connected to the end to truley be master?

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