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Dual Boot Program Installs


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Is there a way in which I can install both 98 and XP on dual boot, install programs in 98, and use that same install to run the program in XP to save HD space, because I'm doing a tri-boot and don't have a lot of HD space left on my System disc after that. Has anyone done this? is it possible? how well does it work?


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thank you so much, such a quick response, now I'll go ahead and try it now, it wasn't crucial that it work, but it would make it easier. (what about patching games and such, does that work the same?)


If you do so, you will have to install in 98 and xp. The difference is that you will install both on the same partition, directory and folder.
Starting an app under xp wich is installed under 98 will often not work by a lack of system - and registrychanges
you must first install your programs under 98 and after that install the programs under xp in the same folder as you did under 98. This way it will only cost you the normal amount of diskspace and you will have the registry changes in both windows versions. I know this works cause i did it many times. :D


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well, I'm now officially TRI-Booting

Thanks for the quick help to all, everything is working out great, it's a little bit of sytem overload personally though, it's going to take a few days to get everything how I want it trying to configure 3 completely different OS's.

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