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DSL uptime problem



just recently upgraded to a 3mbps service from a 1mbps. While I had the 1mbps service I had no problems with the connection dropping. When I upgraded the the new connection I keep losing my connection. I dont lose line sync though, I just seem to lose the connection. When I am connected I get the full 3000/700 connection. (actually it is more like 3200/700.)
I have come to the conclusion that I seems to be especially when someone is using the phone. I also should mention that I have one jack split into three, one being used for the modem.

One of the techs at the ISP told me that using two line filters on the other phones sometimes helps. Is this true?

So I guess my question is:
Is there anyway to get less noise on the line? Will two line filters work better?

ANY tips for a better up-time will be GREATLY appreciated.

Could be inside your home, could be outside. Phone company should have checked signal stregth at the lines coming into your home. 3mbps requires higher signal levels because its more noise susceptible and has more signal loss with distance. Assuming the phone company did its job, and assuming its not something intermittentent messing up the signal (machinery or radios in an industiral area, power line noise etc.). Then you may have poor wiring in your home. This you can fix.

1). Check if you have Cat 5 wire (old homes have, and cheap builders like mine use Cat 3). It should say it on the jacket over the wires. Also check if someone cludged a mod into your phone wiring for an extra extension or something. I have a section of doorbell wire on one of my phone lines (I need to fix taht someday, it receives the intercoms from a hospital 5 miles away.)

2). Motors, appliances, junky TV's or steros can create noise that will get into the phone wires. Try each appliance in the house one at a time then in combinations to see if you can isolate a trouble maker.

The solution to any of the above is to get as close as you can to where the phone line comes in. Cut off the twisted pair carrying your DSL and run a new Cat 5 cable (LOWEs or radio schlock carry it) direct to your DSL modem.

3). It oculd just be a wimpy modem too. If you know anyone else witht he same DSL swap modems with them for a day and see if the drop outs clean up.

If the noise is getting into your outside line you are hosed and will have to drop back to 1.5 mbps.

Good luck! I'm stuck at 1.5 mbps, the local phone company is way too expen$ive on the good stuff.


Great guys thanks for the fast replies!

I'll give those a try LeeJend. I have a brand new (2 years) house, so I dont think that the wireing in the house is a problem.

Would splitting the single jack into three using one of those plug in splitters cause alot of trouble?

Burpster: it costs me 59.95 /month, 69.95 /month with the modem rental. That is CAD.

I really hope that I dont have to go back to the 1.5 mbps... I love the upload on this connection!

Thanks again

I had a new cu$tom home built. When the DSL installer came and saw the Cat 3 wire he started cursing about cheap ... builders.

Assume nothing is too low when it comes to builders.

The DSL installer also found 2 places where the wiring wasn't done right. They're supposed to twist and wrap the excess wire a special way to cut down on noise between the different lines. The way they had incorrectly done the wiring caused some signal strength problems until the installer found them. Then all went smooth.


very true man... good point. I am hoping to find a way to run a wire in rigth from the point where is comes into my house. Kinda hard in my house, the fuse panel is in the garage and it sure is difficult to run into the house.... but in the end, I will prevail!

Have you heard anything about using more than one filter on the other extentions? Or certain phones being a little more harsh on DSL connections?

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