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DSL Pauses Games Every 4 Seconds!


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whenever I connect to DSL and play any kind of game like CS or WC3 or Morrowind even though i'm in single player and not multiplayer I get this gameplay problem. The game keeps freezing or should I say pausing on me every 1 milisecond for every 4 seconds, everything pauses for a tad second every 4 seconds and the cycle continues. Its not my video card problem because it works so fine whenever I'm not connected to DSL. its my DSL problem and I want to know why DSL is causing this. I got SBC DSL SpeedStreamer DSL Modem. Plz I need help!:(


Dunno much about playing games online, but the first thing that springs to mind is a forced connection on your DSL. On your modem or router setup page, see if there is an option to "keep connection alive" or similar. My router does this every 5 seconds, so it could possibly be something along those lines. (Although why this would 'trip' your puter up I have no clue.)

GraLk :D


OSNN Senior Addict
It applys online and when i'm not even playing online. Acually it applies that is anything 3D or moving.
Ok how do I get to the setup page?

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