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I have a dsl connection with static ip server and about 7 boxes i hook up to server via a switch and everyone connects through AD to the server.
In the server i have 3LAN ports (1 onboard and a dual NIC) what is the best way for the boxes to share inet with dsl and still be able to login(remember have to dial in to dsl although static). Had NAT setup with DHCP enabled from friend but that has messed up twice now and tired of asking him to drive 45minutes just to come and look at it. is there a way to setup with static ips to each box and then share the inet from the server that is already connected?

box--|\______server_____dsl modem

note: i can still connect to dsl modem from server, althought NAT and DHCP is still setup, i have the ipinfo on that what really asking is can i setup one of other LAN connections to share the inet and login ;)

on windows 2000 boxes with advanced server on the main server
It is possible to do what you are trying to do. There are many ways to go about it. You could do as I do at home and let your router (if you have one) control the Internet connection. You let it also hand out DHCP. You disable the DHCP server on the server. All you would need to do at this point is hardcode the DNS server on the Windows 2000 PCs with the IP address of your server. There are no changes that should be made on the server. If you do not have a router you can configure one of the NICs to connect to the internet throught the DSL modem (I'm sure you are familiar with how to do this...). You could configure one of the NICs to handle the internal network and then configure ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). ICS automatically turns on the DHCP server. I recommend the first method, but the second will work.


that is what i got from ipconfig/all on the dsl NIC :p
i dunno how to change that cause when i go to TCP/IP properties for it i only have

gateway: (empty)

dns server



To enable ICS i have to disable NAT, which i have done. Now i am kinda wondering what to do now :) any guides you know about to help me on the way?

+ my modem can be configed into a router but someone who setup the stuff the 1st time made it so it was just a regular modem. I can look into how to change it back if there is a guide to setting up ICS, but main thing is for it to go to server and then to the switch and then boxes, so i am wondering if that would/wouldn't block the router from sending info to all the other boxes cause server interupts it

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