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DSL Modem Resets



Lately my DSL modem has been resetting, there was nothing that happened to it. It happens totally randomly. If anyone has any suggestions or tips, please dont be afraid to post them. btw, my ISP is Sympatico, Canada.
Could you be a little more specific?

Is the modem returning to factory defaults or is it just dropping your connection? If the modem is returning to factory defaults and you can control its settings make sure you change the password from the default to something only you know (make sure you write it down!). Also make sure the modem is not set to allow remote control over the internet. That will rule out (and block out) anybody on line messing with you.

If the modem is just dropping connection that can be many things:
Power spikes can drop out the modem but leave the PC up.
Anything else messing up (digital clocks, TV's stereos etc.?
A noisy phone line (inside or outside of the house).
Any new phone wiring added to the house recently?
Any new phone equiment added recently.
Some people have reported problems with cell phones or
portable phones messing up their DSL.
Keep them away from the modem and PC
A failing modem.
If it's problems with the modem dropping off line try and swap
modems with a friend to see if it persists. If it goes away the
modem has problems.

I have a friend who's been with sympatico for a while and he has not mentioned any new problems lately.

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