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Drug Testing


Village Idiot
An Olympic athlete was subject to a random drug check and he tested positive for drugs. However he adamantly denied taking any illegal drugs, so he was sent for a further interview with the Olympics medical authorities.

During his interview, one of the doctors asks him to account for his activity the previous night. The athlete admitted to that the previous night he had slipped out of the Olympic Village and stopped off at the local bar.

He told the doctor that gradually, one by one, the bar emptied, until it was only himself and a woman in the bar. He told the doctor that since he was by himself, he sat with her and bought her a drink, and pretty soon, she asked him for a ride home.

The doctor asked, "Then what happened ?"

The athlete told him that as soon as they got in the car, the woman became quite amorous, and she performed oral sex on him, and then asked him to perform oral sex on her.

"Don't tell me that you did it," said the doctor interviewing him.

"Sure I did," answered the athlete. "Why, what's the matter ?"

"Well, said the doctor, "That's why you tested positive. That was a bar*****youate.":D

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