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Drives Letter


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I Have 2 HD's. When I installed Xp again (in other thread), the drivers letter changed their order. What was d: is now f: and many other changes.
Is there any program or way I can change it back to how it was ?
You should be able to using the Computer Management applet in Control Panel. I don't remember which subapplet lets you make the change. It is under disk management once you get to the correct subapplet.

Search the forums for with the following keywords 'change drive letter'.

I changed the drive letters of my CD-RW and CD-ROM using instructions I found in these forums. I've heard that you can also use this facility to change hard disk drive letters, though I've never had a need to do so.


OSNN Senior Addict
Thank you very much i found the solution.

I am acting a bit as a stupid not using the search option on the forums, so sorry Forum members for taking a stupid thread like this one....

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