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Hey !

I check out this site... http://www.drivershq.com/ and they got an engine that is supposed to check the drivers on ur pc and tells you if they are updated or not. It told me that I got " Correct Drivers Installed: 65%

WRONG Drivers Installed: 35% and to download the "so called" correct drivers I need to pay 30 $.
I won't pay and I wanted to know if there is a software or other site that will do the same work and check my drivers instead of checking each site of each company and downloading the drivers..

Thank you !


There is no answer!
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why would you do this, probably downloaded spyware, when it used the activex to scan your comp, please..... this is so obviously a scam.

American Zombie

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Most of the "new" drivers that scan recommends on drivershq.com are betas and they cause more problems than they solve.
In fact most of the drivers on that site are betas. :twisted:
weird.. i dont use it on my own machines, but use it at work on many different systems daily.. works extremely well, never seen it crash

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