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Driver problem for an Gf4MX 440 [ ! ]


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With my Gf4 MX 440 Leadtek drivers XP crashes after 2 minutes . I've took also last drivers from nvidia site and crashed once , hope not in future ( '' nvidia gf4 mx caused this problem cause was unable to complete an ... driver problem .. see for update ) .

Any ideas , major thanks .
If I understand you correctly, you have problems with the (original? What version are those drivers?) Leadtek drivers and you downloaded the nVidia drivers and you experienced only one problem with it. Then I think you should go to the Leadtek site to see if there are any updates and if there are no updates or if those updated drivers give the same problem, go for the nVidia drivers. Make sure you stuck to the unpatched ones (the ones you can download from the nVidia website).


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Remake topic

1) Installed Leadtek from original CD ( don't know version ) = > crashed after 2 minutes

2) Unninstalled those drivers , installed Nvidia latest drivers = > crashed after 10-20 minutes and now again ( 2 minutes later ) .

I think i may try an older Nvidia driver . Any ideas ?


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A customer had that with his new card, turned out to be the PSU wasn't up to scratch. Even though he had a 300W, Leadtek recomended at least a 350W PSU.. he had an xp2000 chip to take power as well. Only games crashed it. Sure enough the 350W Antek i got the next day cured the problem.


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Yeah , this is what i was afraid . I have a 250W : 1 CD-rom , 1 CDwriter - slot cooler - videocard (this) ( before i had a voodoo 3 2000 => no problems ) . Only in windows crashes when I'm very " active " , if you know what i mean , games works really good ..
well the temporary solution is to drop the resolution to 800x600. and refresh rate to 60hz, make sure vert sync is on. mabey lose the slot cooler and leave the case open for now,
until you can get a nice big PSU. My twin fan 450W was cheep, prices have dropped.
hope this helps.


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Originally posted by Cosmin
Slot cooler = 12W only ..
I want also to switch my entire case , hope 350 will be enought . thanks for information GoNzo :)
here an 350PSU for P4 = 80$
an aluminium case with 350WPSU = 109

:D .. strange feelin ..


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Still have problems , until I'll get the new case . I've disabled that Slot cooler ( 0.15mA - 18V ) & one CD - ROM ( ... ) . Windows crashes when I'm a little too active .. searching for something or working with recycle bin . But the main question is :
- A case with 350 will resolv my problem cause I've saw that a guy posted here a question where he asked if his mobo will " give enought power " to slot AGP .
My Mobo : ECS M830 - Sis 735 + Leadtek GF4MX 440 .

Major thank for any ideeas .. :)

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