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Driver Problem | Fable


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I just got Fable - The Lost Chapters.

Played it, and I noticed it would feeze (go to black screen) for a couple seconds and go back to playing. This would happen every couple minutes.

I stopped playing and went to the desktop and this thing came up, and wouldn't go away for awhile. I am assuming it deals with the beta nvidia driver i installed? What does it mean....how do i fix it?

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Re: Driver Prolem | Fable

Have you tried the RTM drivers from NVIDIA? They work a lot better for me than the beta drivers (though still not close to as good as the XP ones).

I also found this on the NVIDIA forums:

do you get a bsod saying "you need to reinstall video drivers..." and you have just donwloaded them from nvidia's download page???

the solution to the issue it's quite simple, it worked for me....uninstall the video card, and run withouth any acceleration windows vista, download the beta drivers from the nvidia page, 91.31 verison, i'm not sure.... the beta drivers, now, ifyou can try to install the package says, that you're not running windows....
but... you are a very smart guy... go properties(right click), compatibility tab, and RUN IN WINDOWS XP SP2 COMPATIBILTY MODE, press ok, and run the install, now you can install, reboot, and i think the bsod was part of the history...... now vista runs with your nvidia card
Good luck!


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Re: Driver Prolem | Fable

I am going to try the 100.65 then, I can install right over the 101.41 right?


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Re: Driver Prolem | Fable

Yeah, they should install right over and upgrade/remove previous versions as necessary. Works just like any other driver upgrade :)


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Re: Driver Prolem | Fable

Well I did that, and the game did the same thing, and the message. The game almost didn't start this time.

I am going to go back to windows drivers until its abit further advanced.


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Re: Driver Prolem | Fable

Installed Windows Orignal drivers...this time the game didn't run, tried but froze and amessed up, closed it....and it changed my desktop resolution to 800x600......

whats goingON???

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You should always uninstall previous video drivers before installing another.
Even Nvidia tells ya too:
Before installing new drivers make sure you uninstall all NVIDIA display drivers from the Windows Control Panel. Browse to the Start Menu > Windows Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and search for "NVIDIA Windows Display Drivers" or "NVIDIA Display Drivers" and select remove.

With newer drivers the entry may be Nvidia Drivers in add/remove then choose to remove only the video driver.
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Alright, removed the nvidia from the add/remove place...

game runs, but not very well, maybe for what ever reason it can't support high resolution. I will get back to you soon.


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Well, when i had the problem with the beta driver, I installed the new driver from them, without uninstalling, had the problem, i uninstalled the card, rebooted and windows installed its own. Then I found out to remove the nvidia stuff from the add/remove, and then rebooted.

Should I remove the card again, and then reboot?

*is the windows drivers really Nvidia drivers? i checked it out, and it says provider NVIDIA, but signed by Microsoft....**
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Microsoft does not provide complete drivers. They provide enough fo you to use Windows vista in "2D" mode.

Ensure you have a clean install of 101.41 or later drivers and set vista to run fable as "administrator" and in XP compatibility mode. Let me know how you get on. I can always install Fable myself and see what I get if necessary but I'm currently enjoying Jade Empire so it may take some time :p


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So I cleanly installed the 101 nvidia drivers, and the game looks good.

But now its back to the original problem, runs fine for about 4 mins, then does a black screen and goes back to game. After I quit, that error on my first post is there.

I hate this.
Bear in mind it would do this on XP on machines with Creative soundcards. If you have a creative soundcard try removing it and see what happens.


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Actually I have a soundblaster card (old Live 5.1) in my system, but disabled and not being used. So it couldn't still be that?

I have enough different kinds of games installed in Vista, and they all work. I am going to just say the at the moment Fable - The Lost Chapters just doesn't work well in Vista.
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