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Driver: Parallel Lines


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Hi, just played the demo of Driver Parallel Lines on my xbox and thought it was quite gd has any1 got the game yet or have any other views on the game?
Yeah I played the demo as well, but can you do anything other then lose the cops and drive? Are there any weapons avalible? I didnt find much to do other then run away from the police :crosseyed:


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No you can only drive but i read in the review that they have turned the game more into a driving game with not so many on foot missions but they said that it was a great improvement on Driv3r and gave it a 8.6.
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yup i loved them games on ps1, i now realise how crap the graphics were but i use to spend hours playing them games. wicked games. Do u think they will ever release driver on the psp?


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Yh, do u think if they do release driver on psp it will b any gd or crap like driv3r, i mean burnout legends i think is better that itz console version in some ways but disopointing in others so if they do bring driver on psp i hope they do something with it first and make it playable

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