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Driver online problems


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:mad: hi am haveing problems with online games i gone online with call of duty and some other gamesam online for about 5 seconds then my pc blue screens its says DRIVER_RIQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL i have tryed formating 2 times tryed installing xp home on another hard drive no luck any idears Medal of Honor Allied Assault plays fine online its mad tbh i have installed the new gforce drivers
Version: 61.77
Release Date: July 27, 2004
my Graphics card is a MSI gforce5900 vtd ultra SE 256ddr


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Personally I would suspect these things - possibly in this order:-

RAM (swap out sticks and test)
System temperature Stability issues (Review cooling/paste/dust heatsinks)
Modem/USB/Via Chipset Drivers (Check for latest)
BIOS update (Check for latest)
Graphics drivers

Why do I put your graphics drivers last? Because you yourself say it only happens with online gaming. Why do I not put your Modem drivers higher? Because I know from hard experience this is a favourite BSOD for bad RAM and I have equally experienced it with an overheating Athlon.

Welcome to OSNN and I hope this resolves your problems!

(See those little scales under my name - click them if I helped yah!)


OSNN One Post Wonder
i have run a full test down to the last chip lol with pc check no errors found i have unplugged everthink and plugged it back in blasted everythink down with air too ill try updateing bios see if that does anthink


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Ouch - could invest in foolproof "BIOS Savior" gizmo too if you want to guard against this for future - glad you are laughing though - that would have me right annoyed.

One thing - consider investing in a RAM stick or two when ordering your mobo - I have a feeling you may need it (plus a spare stick or so never goes amiss, heh?)


OSNN One Post Wonder
found a post off some guy on the net he was haveing same problems he say

I figured it out! For the last two weeks sending mail in Eudora caused windows 2000 to crash. I would get a BSOD saying DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. The error reports it as happening in the file NDIS.SYS and that it is now BEGINNING DUMP OF PHYSICAL MEMORY.

Also, about two weeks ago i installed the latest drivers for my Linksys LNE100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter(LNE100TX v4) network card. This was the problem. Apparently, ndis.sys doesn't always play well with others. So i reinstalled the original drivers that came with my card, once again regaining my email proficiency.

02/18/2002 UPDATE

I jinxed myself. Shortly after writing this entry my computer crashed again after a 2 week hiatus.

So i removed the Linksys network card and put in a cheap one. Haven't had any problems since

i have had problems with my on board ethernet i wonder if that could be it coz it only crashes when i play online

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