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Drive Imaging, ghosting or backup


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I have heard a lot about these but would like to know more about them. I have got my computer set up nicely the way I want it and would like to either image, ghost or back it up in case anything happens.

Could someone please explain the best way ( in laymans terms ) to do this and the best program.
I read somewhere there is a program called diskkeeper that makes a backup and keeps it updated?
I have plenty of room on a second hard drive to make a partition for this.
Finally, is it possible to make a image or whatever on the second hard drive so that you can activate it somehow to copy the image to your boot drive so you don't have to reinstall everything in a worst case scenario of losing your hard drive and having to format.

Thanks for any help / advice
Norton Ghost 2003 will do an excellent job! It has a user friendly interface and task wizzard. Have done many back-ups, clones and recoverys without any problems. It's the only backup/clone/recovery program certified for NTFS files (at least a few months ago) and will also work well with FAT. You also are not limitited by the size of your hard drives as long as the source image is smaller than the drive/partition you plan on backing-up/cloning to. Additionally, you are able to use a boot floppy (made by Norton Ghost in the "Create Boot Floppy" wizzard) to recover from a crash in case you are unable to access Windows.
PowerQuest DriveImage and Norton Ghost are two really good apps for this purpose. Easy to use as well, and you can restore your entire drive in less than 20 minutes.

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