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Drive Image/Norton WinDoctor Question??


I am going to try not to go into too much detail on this - so let me know if you do not understand what my problem is:

I ran Norton WinDoctor and had 6 cases of:

Invalid Icon: C: Progra~1\PowerQuestDriveImage2002\Rescume\OS2DOS\FloppyME.PIF - the other 5 are all the same except with different Floppy's (ie Floppy95/CA etc)

It also stated:

The Icon C:\Windows\System\Shell32.DLL canot be used. The Icon file might have been deleted or the DLL is corrupt.

Only options Norton WinDoc gave under repair was to "Ignore" or to "manually edit the invalid icon's properties. "

I selected Ignore - until I could hopefully get another answer!

Now - I have located the 6 "invalid icons" and they are all "shortcuts to MS-DOS program" .

Is it safe to "delete" the shortcuts?

Would the shortcuts be totally deleted or go to the Recycle Bin? (That way I could restore them if I needed to).

I understand that I would then need to go back and clear the Ignore in WinDoctor and then run it again to see if the original problem was cleared by the deletions.

Does this sound like a reasonable plan of attack - or is ther something else I could do???

Thanx in advance!


Don't have an XP cd - have OEM install on a HP (the one with the "hidden partition" - for recovery or whatever it is called)!


Not really answering your question, but....

Watch drive image 2002, I made an image just yesterday. After about 3 hours I checked the file sizes and one (number 2 of 4) was 40MB less than the rest.

I tested it with DI2002 Explorer and the whole thing was corrupt.

So I would say 2 things:-

1. I had the same problem with a (lets say) unofficial version of DI2002, deleted the files - however I still didn't trust it so I got a new copy.

2. If you do make an image, check that it works first before you fiddle around with your system, because like mine it could be corrupt.

Powerquest used to make excellent products, but now they are getting a bit slack (in my eyes) - have they been taked over by a bigger 'i don't care, just get it out on sale in time' company?!


PowerQuest continues to make outstanding utilities - Drive Image 2002 is a superb imaging product and of course Partition Magic is the acknowledged best disk manager available. Sorry you've had problems with it man, but sometimes "stuff" happens - that's computing. But that doesn't mean the product is bad - just your experience with it.


All of a sudden the plot thickens - I think.

Not only do I have those crazy invalid icons

I tried to do the initial backup copy of my hard drive per the initial backup wizard to cd-r's and now that I look at them in Image Explorer - they appear to have the bootcap and the bootimg on them (3+mb) and nothing more - per Image Explorer

However, just looking at them in explorer also shows backup data of 640 M also on them.

Any idea of what's up!

When I did the initial backup it did not step me thru any set-up - just went to high compression and asked if I was ready to start and prompted me when to insert the cd's. I did the "HP hidden partition" first and those 7 cd's seem to have data on them although Drive Image says the media is not supported (?) These were done without rebooting.

The other 21 (yes 21) cd-r's are from the "real" hard drive and they do the bootcap/bootimg thing I described above. These had the puter reboot and went into DOS to do the image!

I am totally at a lose and will take just about any advise - I am ready to uninstall and reinstall Drive Image 2002 (after I delete those shortcuts for the invalid icons).

Any help- appreciated!
Go to: -

%SystemRoot%\System32\Shell32.dll (Full of Icons)

Right click on the file and select the version which should be 6.00.2600.0000 or greater.

If its not, upgrade to latest version from Microsoft’s site.

The message you are receiving from Norton merely states that the registry entries concerned “point” to icons that are, or were on your desktop, that are not valid anymore. Did you upgrade from Windows 98?

Also have you installed “PowerQuestDriveImage2002” more than once? Or did any of the installations fail, causing you to re-install?


Hi m8 - sorry for the delay in replying - I went to bed after my last post - been to work and just got off!

My shell.dll is 6.0.2600.0 (dated 8/18/2001)

This is a new (Feb of 2002) HP puter that came with XP as OEM - there has been no upgrading, no reformatting or anything. I don't like to mess with the registry - so there are no tweaks either!

I installed Powerquest Drive Image 2002 once - it appeared to be a smooth install with no hangups, or anything out of the ordinary.

BTW does anyone know if the Image Explorer (part of Image Drive 2002) can see the image if the image was done in DOS???

Any other suggestions?


Static 99

Same errors here!

I have 11 of those errors, 5 from Partition Magic and 6 from Drive Image. I gave up on ever finding a answer or a solution about a year ago. So i just ignore them. It never gave me any problems. Maybe it's just an (annoying) Norton bug.

BTW does anyone know if the Image Explorer (part of Image Drive 2002) can see the image if the image was done in DOS???
Yes it can.


Thanks Static 99 - at least now I know that the invalid icons are not causing my problems. BTW - from what I could see from the screen shot - you have the same 6 invalid icons that I have. Perhaps it is a Norton thing!

So since I have no backup(image data) on the cdr's that I can see in Image Explorer - I guess all I have on those cdr's are the bootcap and bootimg. I guess that means that I have just acquired 21 new coasters - as I know Drive Image closed out the cd's before requesting the next one be inserted.

I also did an iniitial backup of the "hidden" partition HP uses for XP recovery or whatever and I did get those 7 cds to verifiy - although drive image states "Restoring a file from this partition type is not currently supported." I guess since I have the data - but can't restore from it - those cds are coasters also.

So that just leaves the problem with not being able to find any data on the cds that were imaged using DOS??

Any other thoughts - is a uninstall/reinstall of Drive Image suggested before I attempt another initial image???


OMG!!! -- I mean OMFG!! - Sorry - Had to get it out of my system!

When I stuck the "HP Recovery Hidden Partition" image cd into the cd drive - I noticed the folder for "my backup" had a pqi icon on it! SOOOOOO - I checked the cd's burned in DOS and they had nothing on them. I tried to open the 1st cd of the DOS image (which was my entire harddrive) and it came up "open with" instead of "open". I went ahead and selected "Image Explorer" -as the association - which was a no brainer since there were no other choices that pertained to Drive Image.

Anyway to make a long story short - I am now in the process of verifying disk #9 of 15 of my "hard drive image".

I had been opening Image Explorer and then inserting the cd and nothing was happening - however as soon as I did the "open with" association on the 1st disk of the image - Image Explorer opened and I was able to verify my image. Everything in the File drop down menu had been grayed out before I made the association. I never made any association on the rest of the cds in the set -so hopefully I got it right finally!

Apparently, if you create the image in a Windows environment Drive Image puts the pqi icon on the folder for the backup (image)data - but if you do it in DOS - the association is not there and needs to be added so the info can be seen in Image Explorer.

Now that the initial image of me hard drive is done, and apparently okay - do I dare let Drive Image make a new partition to store the backup image on my hard drive!

I think I'll try this later in the week - I have exceeded my stress limit for the next couple of days already!!!

Thanks to all who helped!


Exact same problem with norton and invalid icons with both Drive Image 2002 and PM 7.0, both legit. I also mark "ignore". It's somewhat comforting to learn that I'm not alone with this issue. So far I've not appeared to have any untoward effects. We shall see.

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