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umm whats it used for? i thought it was just for graphics and flashing things ...but is it for creating a website, as in the templates and titles and links all that stuff? i need help major b/c every button looks confusing....

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Your not being to specific.
basicly its pretty easy:
first toolbar you have a choise of actions (Common, text, etc..)
you chose the action you want (exp. if you want to create a form - choose forms) then the icons (buttons) will change to stuf related to forms (check box, ratio button etc..).
thats how you desighn and ass stuff to your site.
the second toolbar:
the first three buttons let you choose betwen :code view:desighn view: or both (split screen).
then you have other stuff like a "globe" button that allows you to prview your site in your browser.

the toolbar under the text/design lets you play around wite what you created (exp. if you wrote "abc" it lets you choose the font size etc. of the text).

anyting else?
i just got this .swf file and its a flash template or something..its really cool and i want to put text like in it and it won't work.....this thing is confusing me...can i put flash things on sites like angelfire or something? im so confused


have you done any web design before? if you havent i would strongly suggest starting with every basic stuff and improving your skills

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You paid £300 for a piece of software and you don't know what it does?
Does this sound a little fishy or what!

Dirk Diggler

Oops sorry, but at the end of the day its a serious and expensive piece of software, you don't play with it, you work with it.
If you buy the product you will get all the assistance you require from Macromedia, their suport is second to none.
OK i have this swish movie-template file thing and i want it to appear on my website. i opened the swish file with my dreamweaver but now i need it to be on my geocity web site..is it possible? i tried puting the html code.......i dont' think i know hwat im talking about......


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nope sure sounds like u don't.

open the help file look around, practice practice.

u have to upload both the html file and the swf onto your website.


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