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Download Accelerator Plus 5.3



Get it -->here<--

Whats new from 5.0:

Zip Preview - view the contents of Zip files before download

Zip Extract - download & extract specific files from zip archive *

Extreme acceleration speed - for faster download rate *

Log file creation and preview

DAP Skin Selection *

* Premium (Registered) Version Only


It's got some nice new features. Definatley worth the download :)

PS: Is this what you were after stuy_b ;)
I use DAP but have read in other threads that it contains spyware.

It's useful as you can resume dropped downloads but it does not speed-up my (56k) connection at all. I suspect that the effort required in managing the multiple connections nulls the gains. However if you use a cable moden or faster connection I'm told it can speed-up the connection under certian circumstances.

XP can also resume dropped downloads but in my experience this does not work all the time. Anyone know why?


Dave, you are correct, it does speed up downloads from some sites if you have a cable modem because it makes more simultaneous connections (7) to the file.

DAP does not contain Spyware but is Adware if you dont register it but I have the registered version anyway since it is worth it ;)

Hey Krux, thanks :)

I can beat MS1 and 2 with only 1 credit!!. MS X, 3 and 4 are too hard for me to do on 1 credit :(

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