DOS problem

i've been using XP for about a year now. i find everything to be fine (not mentioning XP is a big memory hog) but it seems XP has problems handling DOS applications

am i correct or have i not learned enough? is their an XP setup that would enhance DOS progs?

im a computer engineering student and i do a lot of programming in languages like Turbo C and assembly.

my screen just stops responding when I run Turbo C in full screen. also, i have problems in accessing the printer port from DEBUG.

pls help. tnx a lot. :happy:


Not sure if it'll help in this case, but it's worth a shot. Go into the properties of the program you are trying to run and set the compatibility mode to Windows 95 (or anything else) to see if it'll run better.



Because of the dos simulation nature of XP ,(NT) ,the "compatibility mode" is not a very good substitute for the config.sys and autoexec.bat facility of Win 9X which would allow much better individual integration of dos programmes.
Myself I have not found one game for example that works with it ,although some such as "Cyberbox" work without it.


There's also a way to include the autoexec.bat and config.sys as part of the boot up. I'm not sure how to get it manually, but there's a twek in Xteq's X-Setup program that can turn it on.

doesn't work

i've learned about XP compatability features way back and seems to do nothing.

i guess i have to downgrade.

what do you think guys?

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