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Don't shout at your hard drives..


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If the drop in performance is a result of vibration then I think it would be safe to assume that to some degree yelling at any platter based HD would result in a similar result.

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It is just vibration.
Put your speakers next to your hard drive then put on some music real loud and watch what happens. :laugh:


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Hmm, anyone remember those drives that had glass platters?

Hitachi Deskstar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The drives were also known for an unusually high rate of head crashes, due to the magnetic coating soon beginning to loosen and sprinkle off from the platters, creating dust in the hard disk array and leading to crashes over large areas of the platters. The combination of two technologies that were quite new at the time, GMR heads and glass platters, are said to be largely to blame for the issues.
Now, just imagine one of those drives, vs not just someone shouting at it, but an opera singer singing the high note in the Star Spangled Banner.

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he only mentions JBOD. i wonder if some forms of raid would somehow be more resistant?
Nope. He is using ZFS on those Just a Bunch of Disks. That is RAID. It is vibration in the platters affecting those specific disks.

Or just buy SSD's :bandit:
Yeah, SSD's would not be susceptible to this.

If so, SSD will become expensive.
How do you figure that?


Fishworks is an amazing product from Sun err, I mean Oracle, it really is too bad that many founding members of Fishworks are leaving Oracle and that we probably will not see stuff like the above experiment come out of Oracle as it doesn't fit within their culture to have their engineers making videos of products and demonstrating products.

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