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Domain name registrar recommendations? (renewal)


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My dad bought ganai.com 10 years ago (which means it's ancient in Internet Time :p) and it's expiring in a week.

NetworkSolutions has been kinda enough to annoy the **** out of me with twice a week reminders for the past 3 months.

What company would you guys recommend to renew the domain with?
I like 123-reg.co.uk for mine, but I'd recommend Enom as well for US domains, they can be a bit flakey from time to time, but its never for too long. Last time was when they "improved" their user interface and made it harder to find things for previous users.
I've been using Omnis.com and 1and1 for my registrations... both have been working just fine, and are relatively cheap compared to most others.



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Well it looks like I'll have to use network solutions again since every place I've checked wants at least 7 days to get it through and I have 4 days until the expiration.


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Technically you can renew a domain 30 days after it expires (if I am not mistaken). I've rescued domains that have expired.

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