Does anyone play Morrowind?


Oh, now I know...!
3 May 2008
Elder Scrolls III Morrowind is one of my favourite games. I believe it's from 2001, but it's really an impressive game, and the graphics are awesome taken into consideration that it's this old.

Does anyone of you play it?
I replay it from time to time as it's one of my fave games too. Although Oblivion is better in many ways (just look at it!!), the levelling system and overall gameplay in Morrowind means it's still my favourite of the two.

Have you installed any mods for Morrowind? It got a whole new lease of life when I installed some awesome 3rd party mods. If you haven't already I'd check out the following:

Adamantium Armor
All Silt Strider Ports
Better Heads
Bitter Coast Sounds
Daedric Weapons Enhanced
Seige at Firemoth
Forested Morrowind
Glowing Daedric Armor
Leafy Morrowind
Real Signposts
Better bodies

Anyone else got any suggestions for cool Morrowind mods?
Thanks man, I'll have a look at those. I've got Daedric Sorcery and Official Mods v5 installed as mods.

I've finished most of the quests now (main quest, and five faction quests), so I'm only days from fully finishing this game :)

The Better Heads mod is excellent! Thanks! :D
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