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Does anyone know why?


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Does anyone know why you can't fill all the DDR slots on a mobo? I happen to find a 256 stick of DDR on my shelf the other night and I put it in my pc but had to take out a piece of 128. I want to know why I can't put all 3 pieces in my pc.


afaik u can fill all the DDR slots... what mobo u using? have u tried flashing the bios or at least reloading defaults in the bios itself? also, what happens when u put all 3 sticks in? does it just keep monitor in standby and bl33t like a sheep? or can you get to bios at least?


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Lets See,

You have your mobo manual?

If you don't go into system info first, and look what mobo you got, then go on the manufactures site and download the manual for the mobo.

Next, read it! see how much ram your mobo will take and what combinations - I don't think combonations matters in DDR cos I have the same.

Make sure they are all seated properly,



Nissan Powered
I haven't even tryed to put all of them in I could swear I remember reading somewhere that on DDR boards you can't fill all the slots for some reason *shrugs*


ah right... well as far as i know, u should be able to use all the slots... i could be wrong tho


im reading through old posts to see if i can help with unsolved mysteries, and i found this and thought it might be of use to you...

"(P.S. the reason the motherboard went F-U after i put in that 3rd memory chip was because, as i found out AFTER reading my mobo manual [yes, i know, rtfm], the 3rd memory slot in the P4B266 can only take single-sided DDR chips)"

the guy had 1gb of ram in his pc already, and put a 512mb in extra and got loads of BSODs etc.
I do know currently, you cannot have more than one DDR 400 module because of stability issues right now on those newer KT400 chipset boards. Even DDR333 is limited too, you can only put 2 modules. You can put multiple DDR266 modules though. Seems to have more problems as you move up in DDR speed.

Of course, this is only how it is right now, I'm sure they'll iron out those issues in a KT400A revision or something. May have something to do with the fact that DDR400 isn't an official standard yet.

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