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Does Anyone Have Any Experience with FolderShare.com?


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It is a Microsoft service (falls under the Live brand) which they purchased in 2005. It appears the site has not been updated since.

I have a client asking me about it, if it is safe to use, etc.


Does anyone have any experience with it? Alternatives welcome but unlikely to be used. Thank you.


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I've never heard of it myself. SendThisFile is a well-known site that I've known companies to use. I don't think there is a synchronization feature, though.



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I thought the FolderShare tech was what powers the "Shared Folders" feature in Live Messenger?

I remember there was another site I used to use, just can't remember what it was called...
I use it all the time. It's a fantastic product. Been using it even before Microsoft acquired ByteTaxi, actually. There's a post on my blog somewhere. The product hasn't changed at all since the acquisition.

It's really convenient to keep folders in sync across multiple machines. If I'm working on a project on campus or at home on my Tablet, the files automatically get transferred in the background to the desktop in my apartment. When I'm done, I just put the Tablet to sleep, and when I get back to my desktop, all the most recent files are already there. It's nice not even having to think about synchronization. :)

You can also check a box in the settings to allow access to your files from a web interface, which allows you to get to your files even from public machines that don't have the FolderShare client installed.

It's safe to use too. It's all P2P, so none of your files get stored on any external servers, and all file transfers are AES-encrypted.

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