Dock is Half Frozen


Not Bman

My friends mac computer all of a sudden started to have this problem...

where the dock is frozen, the whole large efffect dosent work, nor hiding or any effects, but if you click on a icon it still works.....we didnt change anything, i have restarted and yea..

i dont know macs well enough...whats going on????

Re: Dock is Half Frosen

He changed his settings. Go to System Preferences -> Dock -> Fix what you want.
Re: Dock is Half Frosen

Yeah, I'm sure that's what it is. If there's not ice on the icons then I doubt it's frozen. :p
she didnt change anything, i checked the settings....

but she hasen't updated the computer for awhile, didnt even have the latest version of osx and a few other things....installing that and seeing what happens afterwards.
Take a screenshot of her Dock settings. Apple + Control + 4 will allow you to select an area, and as soon as you let go of your mouse button it will create a snapshot that is stored on your desktop.

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