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Do you think setting up linux is easy?

yeah shove the CD in and install.

RH and Mandrake arent really all that good though, fairly newbie friendly if thats what you need.

Personally I prefer FreeBSD though


I may actually be insane.
Mandrake is ridiculously easy to setup.
When I was new to linux I installed it at 3am in about 8 minutes :D

Mandrake and RedHat are probably just as easy to setup as windows.


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I accually recently installed Redhat. I flew through the install but I didnt like how it was set up. Guess im to custom to Windows now that I cant like anything else!
extremely easy to install. even easier than windows...and that is pretty easy. ;)

i highly recommend the mandrake distro for linux beginners.


I may actually be insane.
Gentoo is highly rated along with debian as long as you know what you're doing, I tried Gentoo about a year ago, been scared to do so again since :D :p


Mandrake, Slackware, Knoppix are all pretty easy to get on your machine. As Krux pointed out, getting used to everything is another story.
gentoo is the best but if u want to install it properly it takes many tryes and reading there help file (which is very usefull) i love gentoo it is fast as hell and great for custmizations on the pc towards waht the purpose is of it. but other than that i think over all most of the big names are easy to install unless you want specific things that are not normal
Both are a peice of cake to do an initial install on IF:

You have hardware supported by their drivers, are just trying to get the basic internet terminal up.

Any too new or too old hardware can be a nightmare. And when it comes to selecting a browser and mail program there are many to choose from. Picking and learning something is the hard part. M$ puts a lot more effort into their driver database, online upgrades, and help files than you'll get from Linux, Unix, VAX, etc.


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I agree LeeJend, but to a point. I have an ASUS P4PE. The Broadcom440 onboard LAN came with linux drivers on CD and that wasn't a problem getting it to work.

My onbaord Sound Card on the other hand will not work no matter what I try. It is a known problem with these P4PE's as a google search will prove, and has varying success. I've tried the ALSA drivers with no success.

I also cannot get IMWHEEL to configure correctly to allow me to use the side back/forward buttons. I can configure IMWHEEL to get the wheelbutton to work, but with XEV it is shown that there is no output from the nav buttons. This is RH9 btw.

That is my only problem with Linux, not everything works as easily as with Windows :) Try upgrading your browser for example, I can do it, but something that would take 5 minutes in XP, takes about an hour of changing script lines in usr/bin/mozilla and relinking plugins.
BTW if you have any archaine hardware or a non Intel/AMD cpu then ignore Linux and use NetBSD, that will run on over 50 different architectures
If you want something extremely secure, then again ignore Linux, but look at OpenBSD.
Well Red Hat and Mandrake have the best GUI setups around with Mandrake being more like XP. And really it is almost a full GUI setup which is amazing.
You can make Slackware look almost exactly like Redhat by downloading a BlueCurve theme for Gnome.

My Slackware 9.0 desktop running Gnome 2.2.1 on XFree86 4.3.0 with the BlueCurve window decorations. Looks almost like RH, doesn't it? ;)

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