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do you like it? sof2


da rock

been playing it for a coupla days and just wondering what the
rest of you stonecold killers think about the game?:cool:



I like it... i do alot of gaming with my pc. alot of everything else too.. but one of the most favorite type of game for me is First Person SHooters.

SOF2 is alright.. looks good. i think is like a big brother for part one. and that is a good game.

i'll get into it later.. right now im too busy stealing cars.. and running over pedestrians with GTA III.

but what do you think ?:p

da rock

it's good ,but it 'll really tax most systems, you need to tweak it
to keep good fps. it's also very hard to fool the AI,very smart and expert shots!raven and activision def. need to put out a patch to
correct some of the bugs!



i definately agree with you. like i said i havent really messed with it. i mean.. one thing at a time... now im into gta3, i'll grab on to the SOF2 thing prob later this week.

what type of things did you do to get good results and stuff ?
if anything to share, let me know.


Between Tony Hawk 3, NHL 2002, GTAIII, and Soldier of Fortune 2, I can only play a little bit of each ehehe. Both NHL and Tony are damn addictive!

As for thoughts on SoF2, I think it's a very good sequel, and I thought the first one was pretty good. I don't know if it's my game settings or not, but I have yet to see a leg or arm get shot off, unlike in the first one when you could dismember enemies. The blood looks alot more realistic and the enemies will stumble and stutter if you pop them once or twice. And actually, the dismemberment aspect doesn't even make a difference. Another thing I like is the weapons. I can't remember the name of it, but it's a semi-automatic rifle that kicks ass. It's the first weapon you can aquire in the Prague: Street mission. Also the display is better than the first too. The green/black combo makes it semi-military which heightens the mood!

I would agree with the previous poster about AI though. The first two baddies you encounter make it very apparent that the AI is toooo smart and unrealistic. After baddie 1 gets a cigarette from baddie 2, he stands there and baddie 2 walks around the corner. I crept up on baddie 2 and sliced him up with my knife and all a sudden baddie 1 comes hauling ass around the corner and I had to use my pistol on him. Another incident was when you go around to the street with the cars and you can blow up half of the building. I shot the explosive and it blew up, killing the bad dudes there, and then I ran and ducked in a corner. When I got up, there were two bad dudes ready to scrap and I was like "how in the hell did they know I was there???!" While the first SoF AI was very dumb and easy, I think they overdid it, but in the end the game still rocks and I definately recommend it.

The real madness comes when UT 2003 comes out. Hopefully I can finish these games off by the end of July cuz UT'03 is gonna be a definate addiction.

da rock

well the 1st thing you want to check out is your video options.
turn off the antistrophic filtering, while your there you might want to reset diff. options to high or even medium. everything seems to be set to run full out. i've read many post in other fourms about
fps problems from people w/ gef4 cards. so look around and tweeak it till you find your systems "sweetspot"
let me know if you have any probs. good luck!:cool:



thanks da rock, i'll give it a try when i get home from work, in about an hour. is nice here. not busy at all.. so i get to talk to you guys....

and sessed out... i agree with you. but besides unreal 03.. im reaaaaaaally looking foward to doom3.. the previews look outstanding. i also want some info on half life 2.

halflife and all its addons, brothers and systers....are definately on my honor role.


Re: alriiiiiiiiiiiight

Originally posted by Kucoloco
AMD Athlon (tm) Processor 1.08 Mhz
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
NVIDIA GeForce2 Xtassy MX 400
60 Gig Western Digital Drive
HP CD-Writer 16x10x32
Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value
16x Creative PC-DvD with Dxr3 Card
Cambridge SW 4-Point Surround
19'' MAG Monitor

Upgrade is on the way... countdown is next paycheck
Spot the error :D


Re: Re: alriiiiiiiiiiiight

Originally posted by Stiertje

Spot the error :D
Yeah that AMD Athlon (tm) Processor 1.08 Mhz should fly right along lol. I had made the same mistake on my sig a few days back :)


Old School XPeriencer
I downloaded the SoF 2 demo and enjoyed playing it. I like the limited amount of saves too. Makes it a bit tougher.

After beating it, I downloaded the multiplayer version, and thought it was sub-standard. I had about a 60 ping on cable, it ran smooth, and it looked good but I had a major issue with how easy it was to die.

I mean, you could spawn behind a person, put 8 shells in their back with the default pistol, and then that person could turn around and drop one bullet in you with machine gun or something, then it was time to spawn again.

It was basically a race to get one of the automatics and hold on to it for dear life. (Which I guess is pretty normal anymore)

But I'm gonna give it another chance here in about an hour or so.



I just got the game today and just stopped playing it and I got to say that I have a new #1 game. This game is awesome....great graphics and gameplay. Best money I have spent on a game in a long time.


hey i'm stuck in the first level. when u gotta extract that dude. i found him, then when he says we gota use back door to exit he rans to the first door and then just stands there. i went ahead and killed everything that moved came back run around the hotel but nothing else happens. where's that exit?


ive been playing since beta and just bought a copy, definatly an awsome game

multiplayer is awsome, hopefully it will stick around for a while


I just wish SOF II had multiplayer bots like Unreal, Quake etc. :(

Oh well the game makes up for it otherwise.


OSNN Gamer
<<<<< Completed SOF2 beta top game apart from
1. quick load doesnt work properly
2. theres levels with no fighting
3. some of levels are just to short
4. some of the exits are really hard to find
5. quick save crashed a few levels
6. the doors were more gruesome than the weapons

Cant wait for the finished version


sof 2 multiplayer would be excellent if only for 1 aspect,you get killed way to easy.you dont get enough time to settle into some of the games and then someone comes along u shoot him 3 or 4 times and he knives u once and you die.if it was like mohaa where as if u kill someone u can pick up some health it would make it way better.

Forget the single player game, the multiplayer game is fantastic.
Been playing for 3 months now, great maps and weapons, community getting bigger all the time.
i finished sof2 a few weeks ago. i really enjoyed it and found a few of the areas very challenging.

all in all, it's a good game.

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